Part 3 of kid’s book



It’s the “tickle spiders” that make this for me. That and the looks on the bears faces as they unleash the box of tickle spiders upon the Queen. I’m with her though, I’m pretty sure tickle spiders would bother me just as much as regular spiders.

Kid’s book

So when I tuck my 2-year-old daughter in at night, she’ll occasionally opt to tell me a story she’s made up. Here’s the first three pages from a recent storytelling session.

01Kahlan 02Kahlan 03Kahlan

I really only acted as editor and artist. This story is totally hers, and all the “friends” are based on her stuffed animals, which she also named. Two-bear and Five-bear don’t actually have numbers on their chest, but I wish they did, because I honestly can never remember who’s who because they’re practically twins. She can tell the difference, though.

I think I’ve got it mapped out as a 12-page story, so stay tuned for more.

Easter Bunny

Easter bunny

This ended up not making the cut in an illustration I worked on (the Easter Bunny thing was nixed entirely), but it was too fun not to share.