So I should note Van and I will be at TeenBookCon in Houston, Texas next Saturday, April 14. I only get around to being in Texas every couple of years so if you’re wanting to talk comics or just get a book signed by Van or I you should come check it out. Did I mention admission was free? Talk about a plus. Oh yeah, and there will be other writers and artists there, in case coming to meet Van and I weren’t enough.

Pinocchio volume 3, is nearly finished on my end. Soon I’ll be free to work on other projects, and I already have several lined up. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to soon post some of the awesome concept artwork I’ve been doing for these books. I’ve been following several artists who’ve been posting their warmup sketches, and I’d really like to do more posting like that.


In fact, I’ll post one now, even though technically it’s a cooldown sketch, not a warmup. Here’s the first look at a character from a project that I hope to explore more over the summer. For now I’ll call it Virginia, but that’s not what it’s gonna be called.


Virginia is not the project name, but I needed to call it something.