House by a creek

So as I’ve been experimenting with new techniques, I came across a speed painting video that used an interesting technique for environment studies. Here was my first attempt at mimicking the technique. While I see room for refinement, I was pretty happy with it, considering I only spent 30 min. to an hour on it. I enjoyed working on it though, so you’ll probably see me post more stuff like this as I get time. Right now things are moving pretty steady on Pinocchio. Because I was sick around the holidays and didn’t get a chance to work as much as I needed to meet my personal deadlines, I’ve upped the number of pages I work on daily from 1 to 2. So far it just marginally affects the amount of sleep I get per night, and I’ve made significant ground on catching back up to my old schedule. Still, I’ll probably just keep this going so I can finish off PVS3 earlier rather than later.