Woo Pigs!

Okay, so football season is upon us once again and I’ll be frantically trying to finish timely Arkansas Razorback cartoons for the next couple of months. In the meantime I thought I’d break out an old redesign I made for Marvel’s “Razorback” superhero. He was this Texarkana trucker named Buford Hollis who had this crazy idea he’d dress up in a razorback costume and run around fighting crime or something. He never had his own series, and I think he only appeared in a handful of Spiderman comics.

My issue, and maybe this is just a generational thing (that design is from 1977 after all) is that no self-respecting Arkansas from Texarkana would run around in that getup. I mean, the mask, maybe (you’ve got some rabid Arkansas Razorback fans out there) but the rest of it, no way. For fun one day, I decided to draw how I think the superhero costume would go down. Take it from a guy who’s lived in Arkansas most of his life, Marvel, this is how a trucker livin’ out in the sticks in Arkansas would dress up as a superhero.

Woo pigs!