It’s a witch!

I’m behind in blog posting, and I actually have quite a bit of art to post. This one, I had to share now. You might recognize some of the cast.



Work on Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer and the Vampire Zoo is progressing, and if you want to see a sample, head on over to the website.

New desk

So I’ve been telling people lately that I’ve been working on a new desk. Drawing all day means I pretty much sit at a desk all the time and I can tell my leg muscles are not in the best shape because of it. I can’t really fix that at work, but I can fix that at home. I built myself a desk that forces me to stand up.

Old desk. This is a picture of it actually clean, because I’m about to move everything to…



new desk! (Bonus, it takes up about a third of the floor space and holds more stuff!)


And I’ve already been drawing with it (I blame working on it for a lack of updates on the blog). It’s pretty much what I expected, right down to my legs being tired because I’m not used to standing this much. Which reminds me I need to get a stool… you know… just in case. I’ll be posting some new art soon.


It’s been too long since I’ve posted anything, so here’s a quick update of something I’m putting in the mail today… way later than I had originally intended.


Fire! 03

I consider drawing dogs a weak area for me (really, anything with four legs), and part of this idea involves what is essentially a fire spirit that takes the rough shape of a Pug, so I did a bunch of sketches to practice.

And then there were four


It’s funny how an idea can evolve over time. So once upon a time I had this idea for a story… then I decided to put it on the backburner while I worked on Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer. Now that I’ve wrapped up with PVS I’m taking a look at the concepts I’ve been backlogging and while I’m still trying to decide which concept from my personal stash of ideas to work on, this one keeps popping up. I had written the entire first issue of this story before I started work on PVS and the story has changed dramatically. I have a better focus for the characters, I’ve actually introduced new characters that I believe will make the story stronger and more compelling. Before, I knew I wasn’t quite ready to do justice to this story, but I’m starting to convince myself it’s time…


In the meantime, this is my first post since Heroescon, which was over a month ago. I’ve been a little busy since then and the blog is always near, if not at, the bottom of my list of things to do. So, as a quick catch-up on that after Heroescon post, here you go. Hands down best show I’ve been to. If you can only go to one show a year, that’s the one I’d recommend. I’m willing to spend nearly 15 hours in a car to get there, and I hate driving long distances.


Knights of the Living Dead is here


Actually, I’ve had copies of Knights of the Living Dead for a couple of weeks. And the books look great, better than I could have hoped… except for one small issue on page 99….

So apparently when the file was transferred from my publisher to the printer, this happened to page 99. It wasn’t caught when it was proofed, so every book in the first printing has this error. Every. Single. One. And the printer wasn’t at fault so no chance of us getting a reprint.


Dan Vado, the publisher at SLG, decided the best course of action would be to place an insert into the book which is honestly the only reasonable solution to the problem. But I still had 4 boxes of books sitting there, and I really want to have them for HeroesCon, which wasn’t going to happen if I waited for the insert. I decided to do something somewhat different for people buying the book from me. I decided to order some custom stickers to insert directly on the page.I liked the idea of that better than an insert. With my solution, you won’t have to worry about losing an insert. These stickers aren’t going anywhere. Trust me, I didn’t get a few lined up right and once they’re on the page, they’re stuck. Needless to say, I’ve already got a few books put aside for friends/relatives.

I left a place for Ron and I to sign on our books and spent about an hour signing a ton of stickers. So now, about 15%, or approximately 300 of the first printing of Knights of the Living Dead will have these in them. If you like to collect rare books, I imagine this is going to be right up there. I am not doing this again.

So here’s the book with the fixed sticker in it. I managed to find a sticker paper that virtually matched the type of paper the book’s printed on, so it’s barely noticeable. Ideally, I would’ve loved to have had a book with no errors, but I feel given the circumstances this is a good solution for people who want to pick up the book. I’ll also be redrawing the missing panels in a handful of books for a little more than the cover price. These will be signed and numbered. If you’d like one of those, ask about them.

So in addition to this new book that will be debuting at HeroesCon this Fri-Sun, I’ll also be signing copies of Pinocchio volumes 1 and 2 with my co-author Van (sorry, volume 3 won’t be out until July) and I’ll have prints, and Pinocchio buttons. I’ll also be doing sketches as well. Want to a picture of you as a medieval zombie? Stop on by the booth!




City of lights

I’ve been playing around with doing quick sketch paintings. This one started out as an intepretation of Kowloon but ended up looking like something out of Blade Runner, so I added the guy with the funky umbrella.


I was playing around with a different style yesterday for my illustration work and this is a great excuse to post art more often. I used a classic picture of Audrey Hepburn for the model. I wanted something that had an older feel to it. This is the result.


I’ve been working so hard lately I haven’t had time to take much of a break to do anything fun. It’s usually get up early with the baby, go to work, get home and do housework, then more work, then sleep. I’d been looking forward to the new Conan movie for a while and finally decided today I’d take a break from my insanely busy schedule to go see it, because hey, I wanted to treat myself… only it wasn’t in theaters anymore. Geez, the movie’s only been out 3-4 weeks and it’s already completely out of theaters. It’s not even showing at the $1 theater! I mean, I’ve heard it didn’t get very good reviews, but not even the $1 theater will show it? Seriously?

Well, on the upside, I got more work done today than planned. I even had time to do this quick sketch.